Wanessa Camargo makes first post after divorce with Marcus Buaiz: ‘Take it, as life should be’

Wanessa Camargo made her first post on Instagram after signing the divorce from Marcus Buaiz. The 17-year relationship came to an end at the beginning of the month and the two signed the papers virtually this Friday (13). While the businessman was traveling with his two children, José Marcus, 10, and João Francisco, 7, the singer posted two photos on his profile and showed gratitude for the messages sent by fans. “Hi, my loves! Passing by to thank you for so much affection these last few days. May your Saturday be beautiful and light, as life should be”, wrote the daughter of Zezé Di Camargo and Zilu Godoi.

Anyone who expects Wanessa to openly talk about the split on social media will be disappointed. This is because the couple’s divorce has a clause that already avoids possible controversies: the point provides that there are no inflammatory interviews or posts on social networks, in order to protect advertising contracts for both. At the hearing, they defined matters related to shared custody of children and the sharing of billionaire assets, which includes a mansion still under construction in São Paulo.

Marcus Buaiz gave a brief interview to the magazine “GQ” lamenting the controversies created around the end of the 17-year marriage, among them, that the trigger of the separation was the reunion of Wanessa with her ex-boyfriend Dado Dolabella. “It’s unfortunate to read lies that revolve around my separation. Of course it bothers me. But at the same time I know it’s natural to create rumors under these circumstances. It’s part of the show business universe,” he declared.

Wanessa and Dado’s rapprochement shocks the singer’s fans


Wanessa Camargo would have met her ex-boyfriend Dado Dolabella last month, during a trip of Wanessa with her friends to Valparaíso, a municipality in Goiás located 190 km from the capital, the region where Dado lives. After spending Easter together, the two planned to meet again. According to Leo Dias’ column, the artist is going to rent a property near Jardim de Maytrea, a paradise destination in Alta Paraíso do Goiás, to spend the last fortnight of May with the actor – who was beaten with a stick after getting involved with a married woman.

Wanessa and Dado dated for two years in the early 2000s. The actor starred in the video for “O Amor Não Deixa”, one of the great successes of Zezé Di Camargo’s daughter’s career. Their relationship was troubled and the couple was caught during a public fight by a paparazzo. The photos of the moment were featured in a famous celebrity magazine of the time.

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