Wandinha: Who’s who in the cast of the Netflix series

After a long wait, Wandinha, a series derived from The Addams Family, finally arrived on Netflix. Directed by Tim Burton, it brings a new approach to the franchise. Let’s meet each of the central characters in this story.

See the official synopsis for the series: “Wandinha is an investigative and supernatural mystery that follows Wandinha Addams’ years as a student at Escola Nunca Mais, where she tries to master her emerging psychic ability, investigate a monstrous killing spree that terrorizes the local town and solve the problem. murder mystery that involved his parents 25 years ago. All while she has to deal with her new and very complicated relationships at her new school”.

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Wandinha seems to marry perfectly with filmmaker Tim Burton, responsible for directing and finally involved in an Addams Family project

According to showrunners Alfred Gough and Miles Millar: “Tim Burton and Wandinha are a perfect marriage”, and the aesthetics that we can see in the trailers and images seem to confirm this.

Let’s now meet the characters and actors of the new Netflix series.

Wandinha Addams – Jenna Ortega

Wandinha is a fearless and unapologetically intelligent 15-year-old at Escola Nunca Mais. She has the same old pigtails and goth wardrobe, along with young adult angst and growing psychic abilities.

She is played by Jenna Ortega, known for her roles in the more recent Scream and The Sister in the Middle.

Enid Sinclair – Emma Myers

Meet Wandinha’s “direct opposite”. Enid dresses in bright colors, fuzz and school spirit – in other words, she is the protagonist’s nightmare. Naturally, these two mismatched souls are roommates at Nevermore School. Enid is also a werewolf.

In the series she is played by Emma Myers, from Tortured by Her Own Father and Dead of Night.

Xavier ThorpePercy Hynes White

Xavier is the mysterious boy Wandinha is intrigued by, but isn’t quite sure what to do and isn’t sure what his true agenda is. He’s one of the school’s most popular students and a psychic painter whose visions literally leap off the canvas.

He is played by Percy Hynes White of The Gifted and Between, also on Netflix.

Tyler GalpinHunter Doohan

Tyler is one of the so-called “normies” of Jericho, the county of normal humans that is home to Nevermore School. Still, Tyler has his own “complications”. Tyler is the perfect neighbor who you discover has a darker past.

He is portrayed by Hunter Doohan, best known for Truth Be Told, Westworld and Your Honor.

Bianca Barclay – Joy Sunday

Bianca is the queen bee of Escola Nunca Mais – until Wandinha entered the picture. Naturally, Bianca doesn’t want to hand her crown over to a complete stranger. It doesn’t help that Bianca’s ex, psychic painter Xavier, is clearly after Wandinha.

She is lived by Joy Sunday, known for The Beta Test, Dear White People (the Netflix series) and MacGyver.

Larissa WeemsGwendoline Christie

Every magical school needs its headmaster, and Larissa Weems fills that role. Weems has a history with Wandinha’s mother, Morticia, which gives him a common point with the protagonist.

Weems is a woman who has been cruelly neglected for much of her life. She fulfilled her dream of being the principal of the school where she was always second best.

Weems is played by Gwendoline Christie, famous for her roles in Game of Thrones, Star Wars and Sandman.

Morticia Addams – Catherine Zeta-Jones

Morticia is Wednesday’s mother and the main source of embarrassment for her teenage daughter.

Years ago, Morticia was at the top of Never Again School’s social hierarchy as a student. But, she is keeping her own secrets about that time.

The character is played by Catherine Zeta-Jones, of Chicago, Trap, Feud and The Mask of Zorro.

Gomez Addams – Luis Guzman

Gomez is Wandinha’s beloved father and Morticia’s loving husband. Gomez and Morticia met and fell madly in love at Escola Nunca Mais. Its ardor continues to burn blindingly today.

He is played by Luis Guzmán, from Boogie Nights, Drunk Love and Narcos.

Uncle Chico – Fred Armisen

Wandinha doesn’t trust many adults. But she puts her faith in eccentric Uncle Chico. He is a master of the dark arts and is always ready to work some magic to help the Netflix series’ protagonist with her detective work.

Fred Armisen, from Ancora, A Lie and Big Mouth, plays the iconic character.

Ugly Addams – Isaac Ordonez

If Wandinha is the brains of the Addams family, Feioso could be the heart. He brings out the protective side of his supposedly heartless older sister.

He is played by Isaac Ordonez from A Wrinkle in Time.

Wandinha is now available at Netflix🇧🇷

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