Wanda Nara’s reflection after the viralization of her photos "no photoshop": "I’m real"

as they circulate Rumors of a possible new crisis with Mauro IcardiWanda Nara Ibiza-and-received-a-warning-from-Zaira-Borra-20220724-0020.html” target=”_blank”>is enjoying with his sister, Zaira Nara, a fun vacation in Ibiza, accompanied by their children.

During their stay, some users noticed that the businesswoman was editing her photos with photoshop, Y ended up deforming some parts of the body.

A few days later, the ex of Maxi Lopez I pose very sensual in the sea without a bra, so it caught the attention of photographers and Now, new natural images have gone viral, as opposed to those uploaded to their networks with aesthetic touch-ups.

Wanda Nara on the beach.

In this way, in the networks they began to question the use of editing tools that Wanda Nara makes and, in the last hours, the botinera referred to the matter with a forceful reflection.

Guys, if I’m so successful being like this, I recommend that you start hitting the pizzas without guilt. Obviously no one uploads a photo where it looks bad. When I got sick with Covis I didn’t upload photos ruined in bed “, expressed the media at the beginning.

“All of us who have the possibility put the photo eating sushi or on a balcony with a good view. I spend my time eating polenta, rice and butter noodles but they are not very instagrammable, just like my daughters cry and I don’t upload them like that either. I wait until they are in a good mood to take a picture of them… Retouching can benefit or harm.” remarked.

Wanda Nara’s release on Instagram.

Towards the end, the owner of Wanda Cosmetics maintained:I can assure you that I love every inch of my body. ¡Yes! I have cellulite, like all of us we also have acne, and roots in summer because I take a break from dyeing. I’m real! And I choose my best profile to upload to my networks.

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