Wanda Nara’s mother became a swag like her daughter and spoke of her new love: "I’m surrounded by football"

After several rounds and rounds, Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi finally confirmed their reconciliation. The media couple was the center of attention of all the media for several months due to their controversial scandals, including a heated argument that escalated to shouting when the soccer player went to look for her at her apartment without warning. Now, Nora Colosimowho is in Turkey with her daughter and grandchildren, made a live through Instagram in which whitewashed their new relationship.

Nora Colosimo does not plan to reconcile with Andres Narawith whom she was married for several years and with whom she had Wanda and Zaira. While she was waiting for an Egyptian astrologer to connect to the broadcast to tell her about her future, the businesswoman’s mother answered several questions from her followers. “Tomorrow we get up at 7 to take the kids to school”started by saying about his day to day in Istanbul.

A viewer wanted to know about his love life and Nora was encouraged to answer several questions. “If I’m in a relationship? Yes, it’s been 8 months already”answered the mother-in-law of Mauro Icardi while showing her daughter’s brand lipsticks.

Later, the followers wanted to delve deeper into the private life of the mother of Wanda Nara and one asked him if he planned to remarry as he did in his previous relationship. When asked if she thinks about marriage, Nora she affirmed that she does not want to or does not plan to do so. “No, I’m not getting married. Why marry? Nerd. For those who offer, thank you, I already have a boyfriend”he said between laughs at the daring questions.

Nora Colosimo whitened her new relationship in an Instagram live

Later, Nora decided to answer more relaxed questions and chose those that referred to the Qatar World Cup 2022. “Of course I’m going to watch the game. Here in this house you don’t see anything but parties. Obviously. With three grandchildren who play soccer, a soccer player son-in-law. Oh, and with a boyfriend who is a football manager! So I’m surrounded by football. Besides, I love the World Cups”closed the mother of Zaira Naramaking it clear that she is dating.

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