Wanda Nara: "That’s why I divorced Mauro Icardi"

Wanda Nara has revealed the real reason for her divorce from Mauro Icardi: the presenter said that the footballer wanted to prevent her from working.

There separation between Wanda Nara And Mauro Icardi would be due to the pressure of the footballer so that the Argentine showgirl stopped working. The now ex-wife of Icardi, the two have signed the papers for the separation, told the truth about her in an interview with Vanity Fair.

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi are no longer a couple and the fault is not Mauro’s betrayal with La China Suarez or the flirtation between Wanda and rapper L-Gante, but misunderstandings born within their daily lives: “We signed the separation. Mauro didn’t want to and it was very difficult, because I still love him very much” Wanda told the magazine “But things weren’t going, the atmosphere was heavy at home and at one point I said to him: ‘Let’s stop’. Then I left for Argentina

Wanda Nara months ago discovered explicit messages between China Suarez and her husband on Icardi’s cell phone: “I didn’t expect it, Mauro had never given me reason to be jealous. It was bad, but then I realized that we don’t live in a Disney fairy tale and that certain things can happen. I met Mauro who was 18 and hadn’t even had time to gain some experience. I forgave the mistake“.

In recent weeks, especially in Argentina, there has been talk of her flirting with rapper L-Gante: “That hurt me more than the betrayal. He was too jealous of this rapper. This gossip infuriated Mauro, even though I explained to him that he was all bullshit. Even from the photos you can see that there’s nothing, we’re not kissing“.

Wanda Nara explained the real reason for the breakup: “The truth is that I have had five children, nursed them all, raised them and dedicated myself to them for 10 years. I had recently expressed to Mauro the desire to go back to work, and he didn’t like it. Sure, I worked for him, and that was fine. It was Mauro years ago who asked me to be his manager: I’ve never had an agent, I’ve always managed the contracts by myself since I was a teenager“said the showgirl.”It is rare for a footballer’s wife to work. For a long time I only took care of my children and husband, but now I want to take back my time – says Wanda Nara – And go back to my profession… This doesn’t mean neglecting the children: Mauro trains two hours a day, the rest of the time he is at home. He can help me, can’t he?“.

Finally, he concluded, saying that Icardi would like them to get back together, but she knows the problems would recur: “He tries to win me back every two by three, the other day he came to pick me up at the airport with a car full of flowers, then he took me out to dinner and told me: ‘I’m not giving up’. Great, but I already know that if we get back together and in two months I mention a new job offer, we’ll be back to square one“.

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