Wanda Nara suffered a complicated problem on her return to Argentina

Wanda Nara enjoys sharing her luxurious lifestyle on social mediaand he knows how much his followers they like to know the intimacy of their life beside Mauro Icardi and their five children, in the different properties they have around the world. The businesswoman spends her days in Paris, but every so often she returns to Milanwhere the family has an exotic country house with first class facilities and items.

On Friday morning, The businesswoman arrived in Buenos Aires as a surprise with her daughters, Francesca and Isabellafruit of his relationship with the PSG player, and shared photos and videos on the networks of the plane trip with the little ones. The blonde uploaded a photo with the location in Argentina a few minutes after landing, and apparently everything was going well, until he had a problem on your way out of the international airport.

Wanda Nara arrived in Argentina with her daughters
Francesca and Isabella.

“Hello Argentina, hello traffic, hello picket line”, the botinera wrote in her Instagram stories, to complain about traffic problems on the Riccheri Highway, due to the different camps and cuts in the area that in recent days delayed several.

Wanda Nara was stranded on the highway on her return to Argentina.

After be stranded for a while and share your frustration on networksthe owner of “Wanda Cosmetics“He met his mother, Nora Colossimowhich led her and her daughters to a hitherto uncertain fate.

The reason for Wanda’s escape to Argentina or how long she will stay is not yet known, but some assured that it would have to do with the 6th birthday of his niece Malaikadaughter of his sister, Zaira Narawho is currently going through strong separation rumors with your partner, Jacob Von Plessen.

Wanda Nara would have traveled to the country for the birthday of Malaika, the daughter of Zaira Nara and Jakob Von Plessen.

Watch the video that Wanda Nara shared to express her frustration at being stranded on the highway

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