Wanda Nara shatters the PSG fantasy

Eager to separate from Mauro Icardi, PSG come up against the firmness of Wanda Nara, who will not take the first plane to leave Paris.

Paris Saint-Germain will have to show a new face this summer by finally managing to eject their undesirables. The game will not be easy because it is well known that players, even little used, all feel very well in Paris, with a comfortable salary, a pleasant life and solid contracts. If the idea of ​​getting rid of Neymar is almost impossible for Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, who will have trouble finding a club capable of affording the Brazilian, PSG dreams of getting rid of Mauro Icardi. The Argentinian striker is no more than a shadow of himself, and he does not have the 10th of Neymar’s media and commercial power. Despite having two years left on his contract, the former Inter Milan captain is no longer welcome.

Icardi has never played in D1 Argentina

Out of shape and not very successful, he has completely disappeared from circulation and is not part of Paris SG’s plans for the future. But once again, who would want to put so much to recover a player who is far from his best level, but still has the salary. An Argentine club inquired. Not with PSG, but first of all in the entourage of Icardi to find out if a first experience in his native country would interest him. Indeed, the striker is very Argentinian, but he grew up in Spain and was trained at FC Barcelona, ​​never playing in Argentinian D1.

River Plate, a prestigious club in Buenos Aires, therefore inquired with Wanda Nara, the wife and agency of Mauro Icardi. And according to Radio Continental, the influencer’s response was quick and mostly negative. The couple want to stay in Europe, and have no intention of returning to Argentina. Despite recent detours through Africa to support associations, the Icardi couple intends to continue to enjoy the benefits of Paris. And if there were to be a departure, a return to Italy would be preferred. But for the moment, no Serie A club is rushing on this file which risks encumbering PSG for a long time to come.

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