Wanda Nara revealed her mother’s unusual attitude when she found out about Mauro Icardi’s deception with China Suárez

Although as soon as the controversy between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi with the China Suarez as the third in contention, the vast majority of fans urged support and support the Argentine media. However, the mother of the businesswoman, Nora Colosimo, decided to have a more “open” vision about the controversy involving her daughter and son-in-law.

On Tuesday night a preview of the spicy interview that Wanda had with Susana gimenez and everything was said, from his first reaction to the scandal to the call he had with China as soon as everything came to light.

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In that sense, the botinera of 34 years He highlighted the great support he received from his close group to be able to go through this difficult moment: “Luckily I have friends from a distance and also friends here who have accompanied me a lot”.

The strange reaction of Wanda Nara’s mother to the Mauro Icardi and China Suárez scandal.

However, the mother of Valentino, Constantino, Benedict, Francesca e Isabella revealed that her mother was not so understanding with her discomfort: “My mom, when this happened, she used to tell me all the time ‘What I want most is to give Mauro a hug’. I was saying ‘What side are you on?”.

As Wanda clarified, her mother did support her but told her that had a very “old” and “archaic” way of looking at relationships and “infidelity” situations like that of Icardi and China. In this way, Colosimo assured that these things happen“in pairs.

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