Wanda Nara ignored L-Gante after being seen with another woman: "They involve me with each one…"

Wanda Nara was linked for months with L-Gantewith whom he kissed in different bowling alleys and nights out. Both shared many moments, even at Christmas but both claim they are friends. Finally, something happened between them that the distance is remarkable and so the businesswoman was in charge of clarifying it during an interview at an event in Punta del Este, where she takes the opportunity to bill big.

The wife of Mauro Icardi She was seen at a party in Uruguay, where she was captured by the press to ask her some questions about her present. While she is linked again with the father of her daughters, she explained that she remains alone. The curious thing was in the way she referred to L-Ghent, since only the confirmation of a romance between the two was missingand now he had striking words for him.

“Zaira is going to be single until she decides, so are you, is there something out there?”consulted Walter Leiva for “Partners of the Show”. “No, nothing”, stated the businesswoman. Regarding the versions of love affair with L-Ghentbe sincere: “No, nothing to do. He’s a super friend and I have a good relationship”. However, he continued in his explanation with some discomfort: “For now I’m fine, I’ve been married for many years and I prefer to be alone. They also involve me with each one that… far from reality, it falls from mature to not“.

Wanda Nara, getting closer to Mauro Icardi.

They involve me with people who can be, I don’t know, my childrenculminated Wanda Nara on L-Ghent. As if that were not enough, she gave some gestures that brought her closer to her husband, while the singer seems to have given up on the businesswoman’s search for love. In the last few hours He was shown on social networks very close to a girl named Micaela pride.

True to his style Tamara Báez, ex of the artist, already attacked her on her social networks and accused her of working with older people in nightclubs. He did something similar with Wanda Nara herself some time agoeven with messages against her during some live broadcasts she did on Instagram.

L-Ghent with Micaela Pride, her new conquest.

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