Wanda Nara got fed up and broke the silence about the scandal with her employee: "Betrayed me"

Between the crisis in her marriage to Mauro Icardi, Wanda Nara ended his short stay in Buenos Aires and decided to return to Europe. Also, the businesswoman is involved in a great controversy, since in the last hours one of your maids he accused her of abandoning her at his Milan country house.

On her arrival at the Ezeiza airport, the botinera was approached by journalists, who asked her non-stop about her sentimental present with the PSG player. Zaira Nara’s sister was firm, neither confirmed nor denied her alleged divorce, and expressed that when she wants to talk about the subject she herself will be in charge of announcing it.

The other scandal of Wanda Nara: former maid confessed that she was forced to testify against Maxi López

“Now I’m going back to my family. There are things I’m not going to talk about because later everyone draws different conclusions,” express.

Wanda Nara did not want to talk about her present with Mauro Icardi.

As for the controversy with Carmen, the woman who would have been stranded in Italy, and who leaked the audios about her separation from Icardi, the owner of Wanda Cosmetics was decisive. “It seems very rare to me and it seems a lot to me, I’m super surprised. I always paid Carmen”, explained to the media, and He assured that the employee always had a credit card available to spend between 600 and 700 per month on whatever she wanted.

Wanda Nara’s words about her conflict with Carmen, the domestic worker who accuses her of abandoning her.

Also, Wanda Nara revealed that in the past she already had an episode with the lady, and that now she is not willing to let this conflict go by.Carmen betrayed me. I already forgive her once“, he commented.

“Is it true that Carmen sleeps in a laundry room? Is that audio that came out from now?” journalists consulted for their part. “I have no idea because I didn’t hear it, I was locked up for four days.”, revealed the businesswoman.

The reason for the separation of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi


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