Wanda Nara gave Mariano de la Canal a luxurious gift valued in euros

During the scandal of infidelity that Wanda Nara lived with her husband, Mauro Icardi and the China SuarezMany celebrities came out to support her. Of course Mariano of the Channel, his loyal fan, was one of those people who He showed his love in networks to the businesswoman in that difficult moment, so much so that on Halloween, several young people chose to dress up as “Wanda’s fan” in her honor.

“I am happy because more and more it is proven that I am a popular and national character in addition to being current all the time because I am timeless”, expressed to DiarioShow.com at that time the influencer.

On the occasion of the opening of her first makeup store in Argentina and the end of the year parties, the sister of Zaira Nara returned to the country and was reunited with the young man. “When Wanda came to Buenos Aires I ran into her and she told me she was going to send me a little present for Christmas. I did not believe, the days went by and Today I woke up with this divine handbag from Dior”, De la Canal revealed to Pronto Magazine.

The media shared in his Instagram stories a photo of the exclusive Christian Dior brand bag that the blonde gave her. “Thank you wanda_nara for this little gift”, wrote. After finding out the price, he pointed out that He doesn’t know whether to keep the present or sell it.

According to the luxury fashion house’s website, These types of wallets have a value of around 2,400 and 2,800 euros. If you take into account that as of today, Sunday, January 16, the euro blue is trading at 239 pesos for sale, the price of this portfolio would be approximately 573,000 pesos.

Mariano de la Canal thanked Wanda Nara on Instagram for the gift.

The prices of Christian Dior handbags.

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