Wanda Nara criticized the statement from China Suárez: "I don’t know if I’m half dumb but …"

It is evident that the good treatment they maintained Wanda Nara and the China Suárez was forgotten as a result of the scandal they staged with Mauro Icardi. The actress appeared as the third in discord in the couple, which led to controversial messages from the businesswoman against her. During the chat with Susana gimenez, recalled a key moment of the controversy.

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The former partner of Benjamín Vicuña was questioned when issued a statement about the attack he received in the media. The truth is that his words were somewhat confusing and generated the opposite effect he was looking for. Like little, Zaira Nara’s sister had aimed unfiltered at her for her discharge.

During the long-awaited interview with the diva, Wanda recalled Suárez’s writing. “I read it but it was very complicated. I don’t know if I’m half dumb but it was very difficult to understandhe mentioned sincerely. Furthermore, he added: “I understand that there are women who live differently, what is more than clear is that I was never separated“.

“It was the moment when more photos we upload photos together because my sister was there and we lived as a family”, detailed about the part in which the actress mentioned that Icardi had told her that he was separated.

The truth is that the full report will be seen through Paramount + exclusively. The Telefe broadcast was cut when the footballer was introduced, so it is expected that he will make a public apology in front of the driver and his wife.

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