Wanda Nara and L-Ghent, closer than ever: the video

Since Wanda Nara announced her separation from Mauro Icardishe began to be linked with various media personalities and one of them was L-Ghent. Nevertheless, the businesswoman denied everything and continued to focus on her work. In this case, she unveiled one of her new work projects.

In his social networks, he shared a video with the leader of the “Cumbia 420” and ended with speculation of romance between them. In the post you can see them posing in sportswear since the businesswoman will begin to sell said style of clothing.

“Coming soon 2022-2023”, wrote Wanda Nara. It is unknown if the brand’s first capsule will have been designed by L-Ghent or if you only collaborated with the former partner of Mauro Icardi to promote the new clothes that will launch in a short time.

The followers of both celebrated the production that both shared and they were very excited. The video received many positive comments with comments from both very happy about the project that the researcher from “Who is the mask?”.

L-Gante and Tamara Báez on the number one birthday of Jamaica, their daughter.

Likewise, Tamara Báez’s partner was also linked to her dancerbut the singer came out to deny everything like the artist. At the moment he was very happy and enjoyed the number one birthday of his daughter, Jamaica.

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