Wallonia on the way to a new sustainable development strategy

Since 2013, the regional government has approved a new Walloon sustainable development strategy at each legislature.

This time, the text, which relies on the significant participation of actors in the field from civil society in the construction of the project, will include cross-cutting measures, complementary to the actions already implemented by the various ministers in their areas of competence. respective.

Concretely, the project approved at first reading this Thursday consists of a mapping of the plans and strategies of the Walloon Region to identify the complementarities of the tools; quantified objectives for 2030; a diagnosis of the strengths and weaknesses of Wallonia, as well as an assessment of the Region’s progress towards the objectives of sustainable development and finally a participatory action plan.

“The sustainable development of our region is everyone’s business. This is why I wanted to mobilize a series of representative Walloon actors to achieve these objectives by 2030. The other key word of this strategy is consistency and complementarity vis-à-vis the whole Walloon policies to carry out long-term actions that make sense and leave no one behind”, commented the Walloon Minister in charge of Sustainable Development, Céline Tellier (Ecolo).

“This new sustainable development strategy marks the desire to bring about significant changes and to make Wallonia a true model of sustainable development at the heart of Europe. It is essential to mobilize all of society’s driving forces in order, on the one hand, to achieve the 17 sustainable development objectives by 2030 and, on the other hand, to enable each Walloon and Walloon to live better, with a quality employment, in a preserved environment and with increased security of existence”, added the Minister-President, Elio Di Rupo (PS).

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