"Wait, are you kidding or what? My son would tell me that at 22…"" : Jean-Luc Reichmann reframes a young candidate from the "12 strokes of noon"

There has been change in the air for two days in “Les 12 coups de midi”. Yesterday, Wednesday July 27, 2022, Yaël ended up taking the exit door. The candidate, from Alençon was dethroned by Mehdi, after 25 victories. The stretcher-bearer left all the same with a nice prize pool of €140,200 in winnings and gifts. Back this Thursday to confirm, the candidate who dethroned him faced three new challengers. And among them, a young man with an atypical profile.

Indeed, Nicolas, originally from Provence, assumed with remarkable aplomb to do nothing in life when Jean-Luc Reichmann asked him what his occupation was. “I’m on a sabbatical. With the Covid and everything… I got my diploma and after I preferred to stop to enjoy life…“, he confided. Enough to make the host react a bit flabbergasted by this confession.At 22 he takes a sabbatical… I’m a fan of yours.“swann’s dad confessed.”I am epicurean. My credo is to adore life as it is.“, added the young man to whom Jean-Luc Reichmann immediately found the nickname of “Nico la kiffance”.

And when the host asked him if he wanted to send a message to his parents, the latter still disconcerted the companion of Nathalie Lecoultre. “I would tell my dad to have a good holiday and my mom to let go of my sneakers a bit.”, he said, provoking the amazement of the public. “Wait, are you kidding or what? You can’t say that to your mother… Why are you saying that?, intervened Jean-Luc Reichmann. “Because for her taking a sabbatical year was not a good decision.“, Nicolas tried to justify himself. “So if I was a dad, I might have said to myself the same thing as mom. Because my son would tell me that at 22…“, then explained Jean-Luc Reichmann.

And despite his airs of a big kid and his proudly displayed carelessness, Nicolas has succeeded in becoming the new midday master. He will return tomorrow to try to inflate his kitty for the moment topped with 1500 euros.


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