VUB professor sentenced to death in Iran: Jan Jambon asks the Iranian Supreme Leader to pardon him

Mr Jambon clarified this on Friday in the Flemish parliament where he was questioned about this in the Foreign Policy Committee.

The Flemish parliament unanimously adopted a resolution on May 4 against the execution of Ahmadreza Djalali, scheduled for May 21. The Flemish deputies wanted to know the steps taken by the minister-president in the meantime.

Mr. Jambon said that during a telephone conversation earlier this week with the Iranian ambassador, he “condemned the execution in the strongest possible terms” and called for the implementation of alternatives. Besides the letter to Khamenei, Jambon also wrote to Federal Prime Minister Alexander De Croo and EU High Representative Josep Borrell asking that the European Union step up pressure on Iran.

The Minister-President admitted that he had few additional means to intervene in the file. But he believes it is important to continue to pay attention to Professor Djalali. If the death penalty is carried out, “I will plead for additional sanctions at European level”, he further said.

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