Voyance aperitif: an unusual evening to drink to your future

A friendly moment in an unmissable place in the Batignolles, enriched by the opportunity to experience a privileged encounter with one of Wengo’s exceptional mediums: meet on Wednesday January 25 from 4 p.m. at the restaurant Chez Christophe in the 17th arr. !

Come toast to your future ! It is the invitation of wengo and its experts mediums and seers: they give you an appointment for the next clairvoyance aperitif in Paris, the Wednesday January 25 from 4 p.m., At Christopher’s (148 Rue Cardinet, Paris XVII)

That mediums and chance have always intrigued you; that you find it just curious and unusual; that you are too Cartesian to believe in it, but open enough to try yourself to experiment : it’s an evening not to be missed!

Are you wondering what a clairvoyance aperitif can look like? Discover the testimonials of the participants of the other editions!

Of the
exceptional mediums will be there. They have been recognized for several years for their gift and benevolence. Discover them exceptionally face to face, they will lead you to your deep intuitions and enlighten your life!

Why come?

For a drink with friends or for a meal alone: the moment of conviviality is guaranteed by Chez Christophe, a Bar Grill Restaurant in the heart of Batignolles, a stone’s throw from the Pont Cardinet metro station (M14).

The event of the evening: the consultation with one of the mediums present. You can let yourself be carried away by the energies of the moment directly on site for an enriching exchange with them.

This is what Patricia and Brigitte decided to do during the last edition, here is their testimony!

The number of places is limited: if you already know that for nothing in the world you would give up this privileged moment, we strongly recommend that you book your consultation now or by calling 01 75 75 33 36!

Consumption & consultation package at €30 (15 min consultation) or €50 (30 min consultation)

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