Vondráčková and Vojnar: Words about marriage are breathtaking!

Work commitments put them together and after a long time Lucie Vondráčková shines again. In general, he does not rush into relationships and does not express feelings immediately. AT Petra Vojnara so she probably sensed that it could be the right one. So immediately there was talk of a sun-drenched future, even words were said about the wedding and the children. But now the singer has turned back!

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Lucie Vondráčková again without Vojnar: Is he still her boyfriend?

“I don’t think that concerns me anymore in this life,” categorically answered a wedding question on Face to Face. Nevertheless, he allegedly cannot praise his current partner. “Petr is very funny, smart and he’s fine with him, and I’m so glad to meet him.” quotes the singer magazine Sedmička. However, it often happens that they miss out on their work commitments, so there are probably no hasty steps in place.

Petr Vojnar on the relationship with Lucka Vondráčková: The future is uncertain, he admitted

While Tomáš Plekanec s Lucia Safarova (34) expecting a second offspring, Vondráčková is satisfied with what she has. But she only wishes her ex-husband good. “I think now that I’m watching, he’s made the right choice for him and that it’s working nicely, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for them,” added Lucie Vondráčková with a smile.

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