Volleyball, Egonu to Turkey? He would have signed with Vakifbank

Paola Egonu

Bologna, 11 January 2022 – A sensational news in the world of volleyball. Paola Egonu she would be ready to leave at the end of the year the Imoco Conegliano and also the Italian league. The opposite blue would have accepted the court of one of Conegliano’s great rivals, that is Vakifbank Istanbul. The indiscretion was relaunched by specialized sites after the companion Raphaela too wrap confirmed the market track.

Egonu has signed with the Vakifbank

In an interview with Tageszeit Dolomiten, reported by ivolleymagazine.it, Raphaela wrap announced Egonu’s signing with the Turks: “Yes, that’s true. Paola has signed for Vakifbank Istanbul ”, Folie’s words on the future of her partner. Folie herself is expiring her contract at the end of the year and the renewal is certainly not: “In Conegliano I am fine, I will start the renewal talks in the coming months but I will also listen to other offers”.

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