Vojta Kotek doesn’t know where to go: The smell of rape

This time he will expand his acting range with a very specific role. As with the two gentlemen mentioned, Vojta will now Kitten portray a real person. However, the role will be challenging for several reasons. This is a sexual predator nicknamed Guru Jára, who was accused of abusing students in an esoteric school. In addition, he is prosecuted as a fugitive in an immigration detention facility in the Philippines, as the idnes.cz website wrote.

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The charismatic actor therefore pondered for a long time whether he would accept the offer at all. “My first reaction was that I shouldn’t play it. I was surprised that they offered me this role at all, and I must say that I talked to them for a long time. “ Blesk quotes Vojta Kotka, for whom this is the first project in which he will play such a negative role.

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In the three-part miniseries will also appear Anna Fialová (26) in the role of one of the victims. The character Alice fights with her partner for a daughter and the only escape from the unpleasant reality for her are yoga lessons led by the mentioned guru Jaroslav Dobeš (50). “When we filmed the doctor’s scene of the girls going through the rape, I was sick of it.” the actress and singer admitted.

The founder of the esoteric school Poetrie was to rape six women. According to him, however, he carried out so-called unhooking, ie a process during which women get rid of the hooks left in them by former sexual partners. In reality, however, he and his co-worker brought women to a state of helplessness and then had sexual intercourse with them himself. Some victims then experienced post-traumatic stress disorder.

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