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The Paths of Desire, the disturbing feminine

Journalist Claire Richard explores her education in desire and pleasure through her experiences, from childhood to today: from the discovery of an erotic comic strip at the age of 8 to the first emotions caused by masturbation, porn on TV , hentai and YouPorn. Set to music and accompanied by sound effects and ambient sounds, this six-episode series produced by ARTE Radio is a real gem that explores female desire in all its forms like an autofiction centered on sex, without any vulgarity. To be enjoyed without moderation, and if you like the writing of the author, her texts have even been published by Editions du Seuil.

Voxxx, the history

Essential in the landscape of erotic podcasts, Voxxx clearly claims its intention to give its listeners the desire to touch each other, to love each other and to do good. Sensual voices tell tales that flirt with pornography and openly call for pleasure, solitary or not. Perfect to listen to on headphones in the darkness of your room on a damp summer afternoon if you’re in a lascivious mood. Also perfect for those who find it difficult to enjoy solo.

Fantasies, inspiring him

For several years now, Dorcel, the leader in French porn, has been exploring the universe of pleasure differently. With his new podcast, we do without the image very well to listen to modern love and sex stories – told by both male and female voices – sometimes explicit, sometimes simply sensual and evocative. Whispered in the ear by singers, comedians and influencers, they can be followed solo, but also as a couple, in order, why not, to inspire you with some spicy scenarios!

ctrlX, the literary

How many great authors have dipped their pen in sexual desire and pleasure? More than it seems and thanks to this podcast whose episodes last between five and twenty minutes, you will discover their skilfully chosen words. Boris Vian, Philip Roth, Guillaume Apollinaire, Pierre Louÿs, Guillaume Dustan raise the temperature with their literary talent. A way to discover little-known facets of the imagination (and life?) of certain famous writers, but also to cultivate yourself while having a good time. What else?

#LOL 3 Of The Least Sexy Words 1 // STD 2 // Tax audit 3 // Feeding bottle


Vabbing, a scent of scandal?

This is the latest sex tip that is driving TikTok crazy! Vabbing — a mixture of the two English words, vagina, which means vagina, and dabbing, which means to dab — consists of using vaginal secretions to perfume yourself. Yes, you read that right. The purpose of this strange practice launched by the influencer Mandy Lee: release pheromones that would attract men. No scientific study has to date validated his theory, but it’s up to you to see if you still want to test…

The best sex toy

The magazine 60 Millions de consommateurs had fifteen sex toys, among stimulators, vibrators and masturbators, tested by one hundred women and fifty men. The latter noted the grip, the ease of use, the noise level during use, the quick or tedious cleaning… Unsurprisingly, it is the clitoral stimulator that provides the most pleasure. The results can be found in the July-August 2022 issue.

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