Voice of ‘Xibom Bombom’, Carla Cristina says she earned ‘ridiculous value’ with the song

Carla Cristina was very successful as the lead singer of the group As Meninas, but the financial return was not proportional to the hit “Xibom Bombom”, released in the 1990s. In an interview with the program “Sensacional”, which airs this Thursday (18th) on RedeTV, the singer revealed that she was not rich with the success of the group. “I’m grateful for everything I’ve lived through, but I can’t say I made money and got rich“he confessed.

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The interpreter said that most of the money went to the band’s manager and who hit a “ridiculous amount” as payment. “I didn’t care about that, I really wanted to be on the bandwagon. I always did that with great pleasure, so I wasn’t looking for success, first it was my personal satisfaction. I’ve always thought that way,” said the Bahian woman. On another occasion, Carla has already confessed that she earned R$500 per performance, while the other members earned only R$100.

Carla celebrated the timeless success of “Xibom Bombom”, which, even after 22 years, is still remembered by the public. “I don’t know how magical this song is. I think maybe the rhythm, the sound of the chorus. In Brazil, the people identify with everything we experience,” he said.


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