Vlasakova on the turbulence with Dolansky: Will you break up? children are afraid

“We have been with Honza for twenty years, I will not pretend we have not had any turbulence. They did. And they will definitely come, my husband is no can. We had to go through it and say something. But I didn’t go to the therapist, “Lenka Vlasáková confided to Deník.cz. And how are possible crises solved in the acting household?

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7 falls of Honza Dědek: Vlasáková and Dolanský about marriage and household…

“Distance. You go to a cottage or you work with something other than the current crisis in the relationship. But I don’t want to fit into the role of an experienced therapist. This is my experience. It is always good to look at things from above, sometimes through the eyes of a partner. Sometimes children can become a catalyst. They generally do not like family crises and parents’ quarrels. They always take it fatally. As soon as he feels with us, the question comes: Will you break up? They are fair, they support both parents, so a possible separation is painful for them. It is a useful view for us adults, “admitted Jan Dolanský’s wife.

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Lenka Vlasáková celebrated her birthday! We know what she got from Dolansky!

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