Vladimir Luxuria between Isola dei Famosi and Pride Month: today live with Claudia Rossi and Andrea Conti at the talk ‘Program’

Exceptional columnist of the last Island of the Famous and always at the forefront of rights LGBTQ +. Vladimir Luxuria is a guest at the talk Program Tuesday 14 June from 19 with Claudia Rossi And Andrea Conti. The appointment is live streaming on Facebook and YouTube by Il Fatto Quotidiano and FqMagazine.it. Vladimir Luxuria is an activist, writer, television personality, columnist, art director, actress, singer, playwright and former Italian politician. Every Monday he is on Canale 5 with Nicola Savino to enrich the parterre of the opinion-makers of one of Mediaset’s flagship programs.

During the live broadcast Pride Month will also be discussed and will be live too Martina Castiglianiresponsible for the section Rights de IlFattoquotidiano.it. It is the month of Gay Pride, an event created to celebrate the culture and rights of the homosexual and LGBTQ + community. Over the years, parades and events have been born and still take place all over the world. It all originated in June 1969 at Stonewall Innthe historic bar of Greenwich Village symbol of the battles for gay rights. The following year, on June 28, 1970, New York City witnessed its first gay pride.

In the 80s Vladimir Luxuria began to deal with the LGBT movement (Lesbian, Gay, Bisex, Transgender) collaborating and then directing the Mario Meli homosexual culture club. In 1994 she was part of the group of organizers for the first Gay Pride of Italy, in Rome, together with Imma Battaglia.

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