Viviane Araujo shines in a Carnival rehearsal with a very close-fitting look and web drool: ‘I already have everything in place’. Photos!

Viviane Araujo was the star of the event “Salgueiro Convida”, held on the court of the samba school where she shines as Queen of Drums. Two months after giving birth to little Joaquim, who is already a big hit on social media, the actress showed off her slim body in a shiny, tight-fitting look.

Viviane, who has been training hard with a focus on Carnival, drew attention for her friendliness and distributed selfies and waves to the fans who acclaimed her at the venue. She also enjoyed the company of her husband, Guilherme Militão, and exchanged kisses with him for the photographers.

On social media, Viviane’s production for the event drew multiple accolades. “Gata!” wrote Giulia Be. “The Queen of Queens is always powerful!”, praised a fan. “Already with everything in place”, said a girl. Access the photo gallery and don’t miss a single click!



Viviane has always been known for her defined shape and did not abandon training even during pregnancy. With the birth of her son, she has already resumed her fitness life, but now the rhythm is different. 🇧🇷I went back to training, but this way, it’s different, you know? Now it’s another Viviane. Everything changed in my life. The routine… Before, I programmed myself with schedules and now it doesn’t depend on me anymore, everything depends on Joaquim”, he began.

Viviane also revealed changes in her body after giving birth. 🇧🇷Today I’m more flaccid, I have more cellulite… I want to get my body back, but I need discipline and focus” said Mom.

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