Viviane Araujo celebrates the final stretch of pregnancy and gets excited about the arrival of Joaquim: ‘Cold in the belly’

In the final stretch of pregnancy, Viviane Araujo has shared with fans in detail how are the expectations for the arrival of Joaquim, the first child. The actress, who held a themed baby shower last week, opened her heart and confessed that she is very anxious to meet her firstborn.

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Guys, I’m 35 weeks. Saturday, I already enter the 36th. Every time I think about it, I get that butterflies in my stomach because it will only be four weeks before Joaquim is here in my arms. There! I can’t wait! But, for now, leave him here, it’s not time yet”, said Viviane, who doesn’t hide her desire to have her child through normal delivery.

The birth of Joaquim, who is due to come into the world at the beginning of September, is also a reason for daddy’s anxiety. “Just yesterday, Guilherme [Militão, marido] said: ‘Baby, have you noticed? One month to go!‘. There! But it’s all so wonderful!”, Viviane said.



During her pregnancy, Viviane was the attraction of a conversation circle about motherhood promoted by a baby room decoration brand. In this ocasion, she reported that the dream of motherhood has been around for a long time.

I always had this desire to be a mother, since I was young. But I hadn’t found my prince and work has always taken over my life. That desire was kept under wraps. The years went by, I had relationships that I even thought I could have a child, but thank God, daddy in heaven didn’t allow it. After I met my husband, a month later, we were already very involved, the pandemic came and we started living together and a year later, we got married. Before we made the union official, we were already thinking about having our child”, recalled the actress.

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