Vivian and Eva Ducci (The battle of couples 3) in full controversy, he makes new revelations about their breakup

In recent days, Vivian and Eva Ducci have once again been at the heart of many controversies! Some even suspect Vivian and Eva of still being a couple, and of pretending that they are separated to participate together in La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 7 … The two candidates, who formalized their breakup this summer have also are talked about a lot following a story told by Aqababe, according to which Vivian would have filmed the young woman in the toilets in front of Raphaël Pépin. Mad with rage, Eva would then have taken her excrements to throw them at Vivian … So, info or poison? For the first time, he speaks.

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Vivian confides in the controversy with Eva Ducci – Credit (s): Instagram vivian_officiel / evaducci

It was during a phone call broadcast in The Band to Nabilflix that Vivian spoke on the subject, and firmly denied the rumors: “In fact, it was people who told Aqababe about the c * nneries. I don’t even blame him because in the end he relayed facts that were said, but it’s completely false. What you need to know is that Eva is not a pig, I am not disgusting “

Vivian adds: What happened is that in fact Eva was in the bathroom and I was with Raphael, she pushed me and that’s all that happened! You know what, Eva, she receives messages every day poor thing, I saw that on the networks … My mother called me in tears on the networks, saying that I was a pig. In fact we do not realize but these stories go very far “ ! The writing of melty also reveals here the next cosmetic surgery operation of Eva Ducci.

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