Viva con Agua turns away: Further deals with Fynn Kliemann canceled

Viva con Agua turns away
Further deals with Fynn Kliemann canceled

More and more organizations and companies are turning away from Fynn Kliemann after Jan Böhmermann and his team uncovered the mask affair surrounding the Youtuber. After “About You”, the NGO “Viva con Agua” is now ending its collaboration with the 34-year-old.

From celebrated benefactor to persona non grata: These are uncomfortable times for Youtuber and influencer Fynn Kliemann. Last week, Jan Böhmermann and his “ZDF Magazin Royale” team revealed that the 34-year-old do-it-yourself man lied about a number of things.

In 2020, for example, he not only had face masks made in Asia, which he then declared and sold as goods from Europe. His company Global Tactics also sent 100,000 faulty masks to various refugee camps. Fynn Kliemann celebrated this “generous” donation without mentioning that these masks were basically useless.

In videos on his Instagram channel and an interview with the magazine “Spiegel”, Fynn Kliemann only made things worse afterwards. He shied away from responsibility, pretended to be clueless and repeatedly got caught up in contradictions. And so the pressure on the hitherto successful influencer continues to grow.

“I can and will answer”

His last statement he made as Text panel on Instagram published seems rather awkward. There you can read: “Hello, my name is Fynn Kliemann, and most of you liked me more four days ago than today. Tens of thousands of messages, questions after questions, a huge knot in the head. Everyone rightly expects clarification. This time not again with an overheated statement after being freshly rolled over. I promise you I can and will answer. But I need time to get clarity on the details.” This insight comes far too late for many partnerships.

After the Otto offshoot “About You” had already removed the incorrectly declared Kliemann masks from the program and the 34-year-old was denied a sustainability award, the organization “Viva con Agua” is now also announcing the cooperation. “The processes described are in stark contrast to our values ​​and our idea of ​​entrepreneurship oriented towards the common good,” it says on the NGO website. “We are therefore terminating all business relationships between Viva con Agua and Fynn Kliemann, including all affiliated companies.” The Oldenburg energy supplier EWE also wants to examine further cooperation with Kliemann. According to the company, it is advising its Kliemannsland project on climate neutrality.

Also no more “small cooperation”.

Fynn Kliemann has also worked with the cannabis start-up Sanity Group from Berlin in the past. On the Kliemannsland site, he grew hemp, which was processed into CBD products by Sanity. In a statement in “Spiegel”, the start-up now says that it was only a “small cooperation”. “Since then there have been and are no further projects with Kliemannsland or Fynn Kliemann, and they are not planned for the future either.”

A collaboration was also planned with Tafel Deutschland, which was terminated shortly after the appearance of the “ZDF Magazin Royale” video. Because there were also disagreements with regard to the donations collected via Kliemann’s own holiday home agency “Let yourself go” (LDGG), which were to be managed by the table. “For us as a non-profit organization, this has damaged the trust in working together, and we do not see sufficient transparency towards those people who voluntarily paid more money for their vacations,” said Tafel Germany in a statement. With the additional money raised, families in a disadvantaged position should also be able to vacation in the Kliemann holiday apartments. Now what about the one on the LDGG website The money that is now referred to as “solidarity contributions” is open.

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