Vitor Kley lets out romance with Priscilla Alcântara and the singer reacts. Look!

Victor Kley let slip that he was having an affair with Priscilla Alcântara. Presenter of “TVZ”, from Multishow, the singer received the artist as one of the guests of the attraction. In order to clear up the romance rumors between the two, the winner of the first season of “The Masked Singer Brasil” asked if Vitor was single.

“Since then they keep asking me: are you single, aren’t you, Vitor?”, asked Priscilla, who, seeing the owner of the hit “O Sol” with an embarrassed laugh, insisted: “Answer, Vitor!”. “We are (single), aren’t we? Free. That question wasn’t in the script. It was made to squeeze me (laughs)”, Vitor deviated.

“It’s just that Brazilians like to know about the lives of famous people. As a good presenter, I decided to ask…”, Priscilla said. “Yeah, we’re enjoying each other”, summarized Vitor. Priscilla was embarrassed and amended a response to the “like us”. “We are enjoying participating in ‘TVZ’. Otherwise, we are single. You can rest assured”, completed Alcântara.

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