Visit to Jordan: Prince Charles brings holy water

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Visit to Jordan
Prince Charles brings holy water

One of the traditions of the British royal family is to baptize children with water from the alleged baptism site of Jesus. Prince Charles is currently on the road with his wife Camilla in Jordan and brings a larger supply from there. This feeds speculation.

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla are currently traveling through the Middle East. They also visited the place in Jordan where Jesus is said to have been baptized and dipped their fingers in the holy water.

But it shouldn’t stay that way. When the heir to the throne returns to Great Britain at the end of the week, he will also have five to six dozen bottles of the water from the Jordan in his luggage, writes the Daily Mail. The British newspaper also quotes the director of the baptism site: “It is pure water, blessed by the place where Jesus was baptized.”

British royals children are traditionally baptized with water from the baptismal font in Jordan. The stock that Charles ordered should be used for future baptisms, it is now said. It is unusual for the Prince of Wales to personally bring the water to Great Britain. This fuels speculation that the baptism of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s five-month-old daughter Lilibet may be imminent.

Two baptisms are pending

When and where the christening of the little princess will take place is not yet officially known. In October, a spokesman for Harry and Meghan said it was not out of the question that the couple might return to the UK for this. The couple resides in the United States after retiring from the front row of royals.

Another child of the British royal family is still waiting to be baptized: Sienna Elizabeth, the now one month old daughter of Princess Beatrice.

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And another anecdote: When Prince William was baptized in 1983, the ceremony is said to have actually run out of water from the Jordan. The older son of Prince Charles was therefore allegedly baptized with disdainful tap water.

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