Viruses, parking, work for young people … what the Sétois want them to do

Met along the streets of the city, these Sétoises and Sétois form wishes where the end of the pandemic is a priority. For their city, we feel they are concerned by questions of mobility and living environment. Encounter.

1. Solange, 60 years old: A parking lot more like “Place de la République”

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I want my daughter, an actress in Paris, to find a good job. This is my number one wish! For my part, I am going to redo part of the road to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle: this year, the 200 km of Conques-Moissac at a rate of 20 km per day. For Sète, I would like this car park on Place Aristide-Briand not to be built. I think this is a mistake and I do not understand why it was not planned for Place de la République because there is a real level and it is a place that deserves to be improved.


2. Patrick 49 years old: “Fewer cars”

I would like us to find serenity and find our way in these presidential elections that are looming where we have the choice between plague and cholera. For Sète, I simply want fewer cars and more pedestrians.

3. Jessica 35 years old: “Health”

Having good health is the most important thing and that this whole Covid story is over.

4. Sokona 40 years old: “Parking more easily”

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In 2022, I would like the Covid to disappear and solidarity to resume. In Sète, I want the car parks to be enlarged because I work in the city center of Sète and I have to travel often. Our two paid parking spaces, in summer we don’t have them because there are people. So, being able to park more easily would be good for 2022!



5. Anne 67 years old and Christiane 65 years old: “Stop the Covid”

I would like us to be able to completely eradicate the Covid and come to the end of this epidemic with a vaccine or something else.

In Sète, I would like less real estate promotion because, there, I no longer recognize my city. Instead of a villa, there is a building, it is overbuilt. It would be better to bring in companies to put young people to work.

Anne and Christiane.

Anne and Christiane.

6. Salima, 46 years old: “Work for young people”

That the Covid disappear and that the doctors find the real dose because, there, we are fed up. It’s been three years, we’ve been vaccinated and it continues. In Sète, there is a lack of work for young people and of structures to take care of them and advise them so that they stop hanging out everywhere and doing anything.

6. Mickaël 45 years old: “Stop smoking”

As a trader, I want to continue working in 2022. My wish to open a store has been granted. It’s the only thing because we live simply. The only thing, though, is that I would like to quit smoking!

7. Margot and Raphaël: “Travel a little more”

Personally, in 2022 we would like to travel a little more. My family lives in Canada and we would like to see them more often, but with the Covid, it’s complicated. As a mother, I would like the playgrounds for children to be more numerous and there to be more activities for them: taking them to the cinema, to the show for example. I understood that they were going to park here (Place Aristide-Briand, Editor’s note) and I am completely against it because, for families who live in the city center, like us, this is the only park.

Margot and Raphaël.

Margot and Raphaël.

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