Virgínia Fonseca shows prints of a conversation with Zé Felipe and melts followers: ‘Don’t accept less’

Recently, Virgínia Fonseca showed her followers the result of the change in her look. Before sharing the news with her followers, the influencer sent the photo to Zé Felipe. THE singer’s reaction enchanted the followers of the influencer, who even gave advice.

In prints shared in Stories, Virgínia contextualized the conversation. “Yesterday when we arrived in São Paulo I went to the salon. As soon as I got in the car, the message he sent me. He is just everything I’ve always been looking for”, he declared.

In the print, Zé Felipe sent a motivational message before Virginia changed her look. “Love, good night. I love you. You are already beautiful and you will be even more,” wrote the singer.

In another print, Maria Alice’s mother shows her husband’s reaction when he receives a photo of the preparation of the new hair. “Too beautiful, you’re crazy. I love you, you’re beautiful and fuck*.”

Zé Felipe reacts to Virgínia Fonseca’s change of look

In a video shared on social media, Virgínia showed how Zé Felipe’s reaction was when he saw his wife coming home with the new look. But when she was still in the salon, the influencer sent the result photos for the husband and received the best answer.

“How beautiful. You look beautiful, my love. What a woman. I love you,” wrote the singer.

“Don’t accept less than that. Never. I love you, Zé Felipe. Maria Alice will have the greatest example of what she deserves on her side. You are the most fuck* man I’ve ever met”, declared Virgínia, who recently took new tests after a suspected pregnancy.

On social media, followers melted at the statements. Check out some tweets below.

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