Virgínia Fonseca shows belly before and after lymphatic drainage and postpartum body impresses

Virgínia Fonseca reveals drama in Maria Flor’s breastfeeding

This week, the influencer used her Instagram Stories to report on the drama she has faced in breastfeeding Maria Flor.

“Outburst about my breastfeeding: my milk production is decreasing. I think because of the headaches and the medication. I’m taking vitamins, hydrating myself and following doctor’s orders. Let’s see…”, she wrote, while feeding the youngest – who was attacked on the web for her appearance.

“I’ve felt bad, I’ve cried, I’ve covered myself and I keep charging myself… I’m going through days that I’ll tell you, you see: But God knows all things and that comforts me”, continued Zé Felipe’s wife, who also faced problems breastfeeding Maria Alice.

At the time, in an interview with “PodDelas”, she revealed that she was frustrated. 🇧🇷I couldn’t breastfeed Maria Alice, because my milk production was low. I had plans to exclusively breastfeed her until she was 6 months old, but no one had told me it was so difficult,” she said.

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