Virgínia Fonseca films her daughter, Maria Alice, ‘almost talking’ at 5 months: ‘Dad’s attempt’

Virginia Fonseca shared with her followers a cute moment from the daughter, Maria Alice – spotted traveling by plane with her parents recently. This Saturday (20), the influencer caught the 5-month-old girl making sounds, whichwhich she believes is a rehearsal for the heiress’ first words. “Guys, Maria Alice is almost talking, old man… I swear!”, Virginia commented filming the little girl, who won a Halloween-themed messenger party last month.

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In sequence, Maria Alice appears on the lap of her father, Zé Felipe, while making sounds and is encouraged to speak by the singer. “I don’t know if I’m hearing an attempt to talk daddy… Or if it’s just in my head”, commented Virgínia about her daughter, one of the babies born in 2021 and who delights internet users on social media.

Virginia Fonseca surprises the web with a cracked belly 5 months after the birth of her daughter

The influencer has been showing off her healed abdomen in videos and photos on the social networks. She recently surprised her followers by posing in a white top, accompanied by an open pink coat and unbuttoned jeans. “Mood the way I love it,” she described, showing off her ripped body.

Virginia also told how she values ​​her flat stomach even more: makeup. But in addition to the makeup and LAD liposuction, which she underwent before her pregnancy, Zé Felipe’s wife is also dedicated to physical exercise. On social networks, she appears training in a bikini, thus leaving her body in evidence.

Virgínia Fonseca Shippa João Guilherme and Larissa Manoela

Another member of the shipper “Jolari”! Virgínia Fonseca told SBT’s “Fofocalizador” that she is shipping her brother-in-law João Guilherme back with Larissa Manoela. Recently, the two returned to following each other on social media, much to the fans’ delight. “I like Larissa a lot. I admire her a lot. I don’t know her personally, but I like her a lot. So, I ship. You can curse me, the fans are for her. I ship”, confessed Virginia.

In an interview with “PodCats”, a program from Virgínia with Camila Loures, João Guilherme denied that he had hooked up with Larissa Manoela at a Halloween party. “Kissing ex, for me, makes me want to get back together, you know? It doesn’t happen,” guaranteed the actor, who lives an unlabelled relationship with Duda Reis. Larissa and João dated for a year and two months. The two separated in December 2016. The actress has been single since the breakup with actor André Luiz Frambach, with whom she had a brief relationship.

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