Virgínia Fonseca expecting her third child? Influencer submits to pregnancy test after feeling unwell

Virgínia Fonseca gave birth to her second daughter just two months ago, but she has already been the subject of rumors of a new pregnancy. The possibility became a subject after a bikini photo of the influencer and was speculated again by the young woman’s fans this Wednesday (04).

It all started when Virgínia, who suffers from a problem called headache refractory to conventional analgesia, told her followers that she had a “hangover feeling”. “Let me ask you something. I didn’t drink yesterday, I haven’t had a drink in a long time. When I wake up… You know when you’re hungover and you keep breathing alcohol? I’m like this and I don’t know why“, asked the influencer, to her more than 41 million followers.


Virginia’s followers, then, have already begun to suspect a third pregnancy. Due to the insistence of the fans, the influencer, who plans a house for four children, took action: “You guys crowded my question box so much that I bought a pregnancy test and I’m going to see. But I don’t think so guys. 99% sure not. But I’ll do it just for fun“.

Then, she displayed the result of the pregnancy test, which said “not pregnant”. “Imagine the madness, people. Maria Flor is two months old and I’m pregnant… No, silly, I’m not that crazy, no”, he joked.

Virgínia is already the mother of two daughters, Maria Alice and Maria Flor. The oldest is 1 year and 7 months old, the youngest was born in October last year. The small ones are the result of the relationship with the sertanejo singer Zé Felipe.

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