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Virginia Fonseca reveals willingness to join ‘BBB’

Virginia Fonseca said that she always had the dream of joining “Big Brother Brasil”. According to the influencer, the invitation never happened, but if it came, it would be accepted in readiness: “I couldn’t let this opportunity pass”.

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despite the fear of being canceled during the reality show, Virginia guarantees that wouldn’t be bad. “I know I’m not a person who mistreats,” he assured. “Imagine if I had it in there and if my way doesn’t match Juliette’s? Which is normal, but people would hate me for it,” he explained.

Zé Felipe comments Virginia’s desire to participate in ‘BBB’

Zé Felipe also commented on what he thinks of his wife’s desire to participate in the reality show. The opinion came after the influencer revealed, in an episode of “PodCats” that it would be a dream to be part of the Globo reality edition. During an episode of the same podcast, the singer was honest about his opinion.

“I would think it’s bad, she doesn’t need to,” said Zé, who continued and explained that he would never consider participating in the program. “Virginia doesn’t have to, understand? Only if she wants to live it. Everyone has a dream, I can’t take anyone’s dreams away, but I don’t think I need to. I would never go in your place, I would Zé Felipe”, concluded.

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