Virgínia Fonseca and Zé Felipe create confusion in Patos de Minas (MG) and are followed by motorcades

Virginia shows commotion in the city’s streets: ‘Carreata’

The influencer, who impresses with her flat stomach five months after giving birth, continued filming all the way to the hotel. “Look at this, the arrival here”, says Virgínia, showing the video captured by another cell phone. “A lot of people, a lot. How beautiful,” celebrated the influencer, a little shocked by the reception.

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“Guys, the business here is crazy, and it’s really crazy. People accompanying them by car, security coming down. Look there, cell phone, taking our picture. Crazy. Wow, it’s too good, there’s no condition at all. There’s a motorcade in the back, blink alert on, honking,” he continued.

Fans went to the hotel door to try to see Virgínia and Zé Felipe before the show

To complete the confusion, Virginia explained that even after arriving at the hotel and trying to rest, the screaming continued. The influencer, who is rooting for Larissa Manoela and João Guilherme to stay together, pulled back one of the bedroom curtains to film fans in the street, who screamed even more when she appeared: “It’s crazy, you guys have no idea,” the influencer began.

“Guys, it’s crazy, it’s crazy, boy. And people are leaving, people are arriving,” said Maria Alice’s mother, adding a heartfelt emoji to the images. In a recent event, youtuber was also fancied by fans and even got a gift from one of them.

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