Virgínia and Zé Felipe take their 30-day-old daughter on an international trip and the family exudes sympathy at the airport. Photos!

Completing one month of birth this Tuesday (22), Maria Flor, second daughter of Virgínia Fonseca and Zé Felipe, is already making her first international trip. The couple and the two heiresses left for Portugal, days before the singer performed shows across the country. The family was spotted during the passage through Guarulhos Airport, in São Paulo.

Virgínia walked around the place with the newborn in her arms, while Zé carried Maria Alice, the firstborn, who is 1 year and 5 months old. With protective masks against Covid-19, the couple was friendly with fans and distributed selfies around the place.

Already in Portugal, the influencer, who recently had an aesthetic procedure, said that the family exchanged a hotel for an apartment so that they could all be together during their stay in the European country. Zé Felipe performs this weekend in Porto and Lisbon. Access the photo gallery above and don’t miss a single click!



During her pregnancy, Virginia was affected by severe headaches that led her to hospitalization. After the birth of the second daughter, the problem did not cease. Affected by a tension headache, she believes that the pain relievers have caused a decrease in milk production.

🇧🇷I’m taking vitamins, hydrating and following doctor’s orders. Let’s see… I’ve already felt bad, I’ve cried, I’ve already blamed myself and I continue to blame myself… I’m going through days that I’m going to tell you, see? But God knows all things and that comforts me,” said the famous.

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