Virgin River Confirms Surprising Villain for Season 5

Virgin River season 5, already confirmed by Netflix, will bring shocking developments to the story of protagonists Mel Monroe and Jack Sheridan. After the surprising end of the fourth year, the series has everything to introduce an unusual villainous figure in the next episodes. Did you ever notice?

“A nurse moves from Los Angeles to a small town in Northern California looking for a fresh start. But her new life is going to be very different from what she imagines.” Netflix.

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Based on the books by Robyn Carr, Virgin River stars Alexandra Breckenridge (American Horror Story) and Martin Henderson (Grey’s Anatomy) as leads Melinda Monroe and Jack Sheridan.

We explain below how Virgin River begins to set the stage for the introduction of a new antagonist in Season 5; check out.

Meet Virgin River’s New Villain

Although it ended without answering important questions, Virgin River season 4 offers satisfying conclusions to several plot lines in the series.

At the end of the fourth year, Charmaine reveals that Jack is not the father of the twins. Therefore, the series needs to invest in a new dramatic plot for the 5th season.

That’s where a new figure comes in who should establish herself as the great villain of Virgin River’s future: Melissa Montgomery.

Introduced in Virgin River Season 4, the character is the head of the Emerald Lumber and drug trafficking ring.

In the last episode, Mel and Jack attend a dinner party with Nick and Jo Ellen. Suddenly, Nick announces the arrival of his sister – who is none other than Melissa Montgomery.

As Mel and Jack get up from the table, Melissa watches the couple with a cold, calculating gaze. After all, even unintentionally, Jack already has business with the character.

It is worth remembering that, to help his friend’s new business, Nick used resources from his family. As Jo Ellen pointed out, the character receives a check from her sister every month. However, we don’t know if he knows where the money came from.

Also, Melissa knows the government is keeping an eye on her operations at Emerald Lumber. Therefore, the character will have to bet on more creative solutions to operate her criminal organization.

In other words: Melissa can use Jack’s new business to launder drug money.

There is also the possibility that Melissa threatens Jack as she did Brady. To keep the character in Emerald Lumber, she also makes threats to Brie’s safety.

In Virgin River Season 4, Brady and Jack try to rekindle their friendship at the urging of Brie (who is Jack’s sister and Brady’s girlfriend).

So if Brady tells Jack about Melissa’s threats about Brie, Martin Henderson’s character must do everything he can to protect his sister.

Virgin River season 5 does not yet have a premiere date. In the meantime, you can check out every episode of the series on Netflix.

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