Virgin River cast celebrates season 5 good news with photos

The cast of Virgin River has been teasing fans about what’s to come in season five, with many of the Netflix series’ actors celebrating the fifth year’s completion of filming.

Earlier this year, season four ended with a lot of shocks and preparations for the series’ future, meaning fans couldn’t wait for season five.

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Now, Virgin River stars Lauren Hammersley, Kai Bradbury and Colin Lawrence have teased fans on social media by announcing that filming has ended.

Hammersley, who plays Charmaine, posted a photo of herself with a fake baby bump, writing: “It’s my fifth year pregnant and I don’t know what everyone is complaining about.”

Season 4 ended with a big reveal about Charmaine’s pregnancy, but her children still won’t debut on the show.

Lawrence, who plays Preacher, posted a video to his Instagram Stories showing the open sign outside Jack’s bar shutting down. He wrote: “We’re done!”

Similarly, Brie actress Libby Allen posted a selfie on Instagram writing, “Bye Bye Virgin River Season 5.”

More actors commented on the ending of filming

Denny’s actor, Kai Bradbury, posted some photos on his Instagram, one of his chair on set and one of the American restaurant chain Dennys’s.

Mark Ghanimé, who plays Dr. Cameron Hayek teased fans about several things to come on the show. He posted an image of himself on the show behind the camera and announced that he was done filming as his character.

Ghanimé thanked several cast members for their friendship, including Bradbury, and joked that showrunner Patrick Sean Smith has a lot in store for fans, particularly for Ghanimé’s character.

And last but not least, Hope actress Annette O’Toole posted a simple selfie on Instagram, writing, “Today was my last day of filming Season 5 of Virgin River. It was wonderful”.

You can watch all 4 seasons of Virgin River on Netflix🇧🇷 Season 5 does not yet have a release date.

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