Virgin River 5: the change of look that Mel will have in the Netflix series


Alexandra Breckenridge published an image that reveals new clues about A place to dream. Check out the photo that revolutionized fans of romantic fiction on Netflix!

Alexandra Breckenridge plays Mel Monroe on Virgin River.
© IMDbAlexandra Breckenridge plays Mel Monroe on Virgin River.

The most romantic series Netflix It continues to generate expectations even without official advances of its next installment. Is about Virgin Riverthe fiction that will broadcast its fifth season in the red N and that promises to take up the story of Mel and Jack with pure passion. At the moment, the streaming giant has not presented images of its protagonists in the new episodes. However, its main actress, Alexandra Breckenridgecould have given a great clue about what will happen next.

A place to dreamas it is titled in Latin America, originally premiered in 2019 inspired by Robyn Carr’s novels and with figures such as Martin Henderson, Tim Matheson and Annette O’Toole in your cast. At the beginning, the story revolved around Mel Monroe, a nurse practitioner who -after a traumatic event- decides to end her life in the city to move to a quiet town. There she meets Jack Sheridan, the owner of the only bar, who completely changes her plans.

The story has moved on and Netflix has renewed the series on more than one occasion. In this sense, this 2022 the streaming platform has presented its fourth season. Mel and Jack are no longer strangers: she is pregnant after dreaming of becoming a mother for years and he must accompany her illusion. Meanwhile, tensions grow in town with Doc and Hope’s health problems, Calvin’s crime ring involving Brie, and Preacher’s hope of reuniting with Page.

The end of this fourth part has left the door open for a new story and that is how it will be: Netflix confirmed that the fifth season will arrive in its catalog and its own protagonists do not stop sharing images that show their chemistry during filming. And although it was overlooked by some, the most loyal fans of Virgin River instantly noticed: Alexandra Breckenridge, who plays Mel, had a big makeover.

The artist published some images on Instagram where it is recognized that she has changed the color of her hair, in addition to the fact that she has a new cut with bangs included. “I love your hair in this color!”, “I love your haircut and the new color” Y “I love this color on your hair” These are just some of the comments with the most ‘likes’ in one of his latest posts. Apparently, it would not only be a personal decision for Alexandra, but it could also demonstrate the pass of the time between the fourth and fifth season of A place to dream.

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