Virgin River 4, The Review: The time has come for everyone to work through the traumas of the past.

Virgin River 4: a scene from the new season

There are TV series that have the quality of entertaining, giving emotions and at the same time entering so much into the spectator’s family, as to be forgiven for everything, even some small exaggeration or too many storylines. There Virgin River review 4 will confirm that the series created by Sue Tenney and based on the novels of Robyn Carr, is loved even when she becomes a little bulimic. With the confirmation of a fifth and final season, whose filming will begin in this month of July 2022, the fourth finally relaxes and without fear not only closes all the unresolved issues with which the third season was filled, which we defined as a bridge, but he even dares to close with the “bang” of at least two other twists. Even with a fairly slow and inconclusive season 3, a ‘where we left off’ is necessary to continue smoothly with the discussion, indeed, more than anything else we were waiting for the answers to a thousand questions including the two fundamental ones: the father of Mel’s child and the fate of Hope, hospitalized in critical condition. We know our chickens by now and just as we are used to the abuse of cliffhangers and small moments of apparent crisis, we also know that Virgin River always refuses to answer directly the questions with which it leaves us in suspense but always starts from the after, from when to that event has already been found a first closure. As expected, therefore, Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack (MMartin Henderson) are still together and although happy for the pregnancy, they live both the fear of complications (remember that Mel had suffered the trauma of a stillborn baby) and the fear of do the DNA test on the fetus. Meanwhile, Hope is alive but with the after-effects of a trauma to the brain and reluctant to rehabilitate.

Virginriver Season4 Episode1 00 18 55 09Rc

Virgin River 4: Alexandra Breckenridge in one scene

Virgin River fans will have bread for their teeth as old and new pregnancies, the mystery to be solved about Jack’s attempted murder of the second season, the kidnapping of baby Christopher and the criminal domination of Calvin will be added new characters, new storylines and icing on the cake, also a nice piece of luggage to complete in the fifth season. That of season 4 is a journey in 12 episodes that is worth living, despite some exaggerations at risk of degeneration within the soap-opera category. The secret is to fill even the apparent absurdities with details and in this Sue Tenney and collaborators know more than the devil. Virgin River 4 proves to have earned the trust of viewers who had experienced slow season 3 with a bit of disappointment at the endless open and never really closed parentheses.

Becoming parents, resolving conflicts

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Virgin River 4: a scene from the new season

Charmaine and her twins aside, the time has come for Mel and Jack to confront what it means to become parents. Virgin River 4 manages to give the same space to conflicts insights of both future parents with a particular focus on Jack who has, almost more than Mel, a lot of emotional loads to work through. The first and unsuspected unresolved question is the one that the former marine has with his father, who for him would have wanted a brilliant fate with a degree in Berkeley and instead found himself a military-owner of a bar in a small provincial town. . As we see from the trailer, Jack will find himself having to solve the first and fearful question that all those who are about to embark on the parenting adventure ask themselves: if I do not have a good relationship with my parents, I will be able to be different, a reference for the parents. my sons? On these issues, Virgin River is never superficial despite an implicit duty of lightness and does not always make it quick or easy as often happens in this type of show. But does it make it easier than it is? Certainly yes but, at the same time, its solutions are always plausible, acceptable, understandable.

Processing the trauma

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Virgin River 4: a scene from the new season

We had also underlined it in the review of Virgin River 3, one of the strengths of the series was not to underestimate the impact that the trauma of the past have on the human psyche. Virgin River 4 not only does not take them lightly but gives ample space and the right times to the elaboration of griefs, shocks, accidents, tragedies. Everyone, starting with Mel, through Jack, Hope and Brie, to move forward, must come face to face with their fears and blocks and go through them in order to embrace the future. Let’s take Jack’s case once again: in real life it would not be possible, without psychological help / support, to emotionally manage the burden of three children on the way, the sense of guilt for a young soldier lost in battle, a difficult relationship with the his father and also an attempted murder still shrouded in mystery. We therefore welcome the delicacy with which Virgin River puts in place the need for Jack to ask for a hand. The same goes for Hope (Annette O’Toole) struggling with mourning the death of her friend Lilly (which occurred while she was in a coma) and with a brain that doesn’t want to know about making a full recovery. Hope, too, will have to tear down the walls of her stubbornness and surrender to accept help.

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Virgin River 4: Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge in one scene

Finally, every woman and we would add every couple, whether they have been through the difficult emotional journey of a difficult pregnancy and / or loss such as stillbirth, abortion and stillbirth, will appreciate Virgin River’s attention to the mountains. emotional Russians experienced by Mel. The young nurse oscillates throughout the season between an invasive fear of losing the baby, the memories of her lost daughter that destabilize her and the desire for her, however, healthy, to live this joy without bothering to breathe. She is continually moved, from taking tea instead of coffee to those hands on her lap placed with fear, so as not to hope too much.

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Does everything happen in Virgin River?

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Virgin River 4: a scene from the new season

Arriving at Virgin River season 4, it is clear that introducing more and more storylines and twists is a real technique of the show. The creator Sue Tenney will have gone to school by Shonda Rhimes because she too, like the mother of Grey’s Anatomy, knows how to play a lot with the soap-opera factor and holds the pins of the romantic comedy and those of the telenovela in the air with masterful balance. The secret, as anticipated at the beginning of the review, seems to be to detail everything, to explain the reason for what appears to us as absurdities upon seeing and hearing them for the first time.

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Virgin River 4: a scene from the new season

Possible that Does everything happen in Virgin River? Criminals so hard to catch that you need sheriffs, narcotics and even the FBI; twin brothers of distorted fathers who kidnap grandchildren; near-fatal accidents complete with coma, physiotherapy and hallucinations and again, mysterious grandchildren who came out of nowhere and rapists who come back to threaten. Those who have watched the trailer will know that there is not only this but, on the contrary, we warn you that it does not end here, Virgin River will close the fourth season leaving you speechless on at least two other occasions. A “but what really?” will run away more than once and we reiterate that the reasons why we believe in all these unlikely situations flattened out in the tranquility of the small and rustic town are the naturalness, the humor with which they are welcomed even by the protagonists and the detailed way in which they are explained. Touché for Virgin River 4, ahead with the final season.


We conclude this review of the fourth season of Virgin River, declaring that they have been rewarded for the trust placed in the series, despite the fact that season 3 was slow and only anticipatory of the 4 because the show closes all the brackets opened previously and opens new ones. There is the right space for all the characters to deal with their traumas, griefs and unresolved issues and the right energy is also given by the load of situations at the limits of the soap-opera which, however, manage to keep themselves in balance, arouse interest and not degenerate. Sue Tenney and her Virgin River deserve the confirmation of the fifth and final season and leave us, happily, with bated breath until next year.

Because we like it

  • All characters are given space to resolve their traumas and finally be happy.
  • There is great respect and probable accuracy for the paths that the protagonists face.
  • The feeling of being in the company of family members is even more pronounced.

What’s wrong

  • It is chock full of situations bordering on the absurd, almost leading to soap operas.
  • Sometimes he makes it a little too easy.

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