Vip, Vip, Hooray!: Kristen Stewart shines as Lady Di

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Vip, Vip, Hooray!
Kristen Stewart shines as Lady Di

By Verena Maria Dittrich

The Queen is preparing for her 70th anniversary of the throne, Prince Andrew has to answer in court and Harald Glööckler wants to impress all jungle camp fans with his physique. Vip, Vip, Hooray! The weekly recap of the celebrity world is here.

“I don’t follow rules because I am guided by the heart and not by the head,” Princess Diana once said in an interview, and although she has been absent from this world for a quarter of a century, she is known as the “princess of hearts ” unforgettable. Her tragic role in the midst of the English royal family has been dealt with in abundance in documentaries and films and is well known. And while planning for Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th jubilee – now 95 – is in full swing, a small, quiet film called “Spencer” was released this week, revealing how much Diana feels about her imposed role and the tight corset of the Windsors quarreled.

The film is not for the masses, too exhausting and sometimes lengthy are some tracking shots and shots. Lady Di is embodied in “Spencer” by Kristen Stewart and this acting performance to the brink of despair, you simply have to see it!

Everything in the royal family is orchestrated with meaning, you have to change your wardrobe three times a day for each meal, the Queen pre-weighs family members, you breed pheasants only to shoot them later in the hunt and the deeper you go into the film , the more you realize that in this family, nobody is happy and everyone is trapped.

70 years of “means to an end”

And in real life? The problems of the royal family are much more serious than a canvas can even capture. “Being a means to an end” for 70 years, as the Queen herself describes her role. A grandson who turns his back on the palace with his wife, the death of a beloved man and constant trouble with Prince Andrew, who apparently had long given up the view that, as royal highness, he was allowed to do everything on this planet. But laws also apply to kings and princes, and so the Queen’s son will most likely have to answer in court for sexual abuse.

For months, even years, the man with the expensive lawyers and the great influence had repeatedly tried to avoid a lawsuit. The silence was literally bought by alleged victims. But sometimes you can’t just wriggle out of everything with money. A US court ruled this week that the lawsuit brought by Virginia Giuffre, who is said to have been coerced into sex with the Duke of York by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at the age of 17, can be heard.

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“Cold Vodka and Cold Hot Dogs”

It is now of course very important that the British nobleman still observes etiquette and changes his wardrobe at least twice a day for the photographers, because that is what the people demand of their royal family. Perhaps the Queen, now 95 years old, will see that truth and justice have more meaning for the people than a freshly changed wardrobe.

She too has changed, but only the room: Betty White died shortly before her 100th birthday. The “Golden Girl” succumbed to a stroke and not, as was rumored online, to a booster vaccination. The woman with the brilliant sense of humor once said, “I have no regrets. Absolutely nothing. I’m the happiest old chick walking around on two legs.” Now the “happiest old chick” can roam the skies eating “cold vodka and cold hot dogs” and be “a hot retiree” forever.

And what else was going on that week?

The twelve “jungle camp” candidates have made their way to warm South Africa, where the anniversary season will start next week (January 21), new camper Tina Ruland said in advance that she could urgently need the money after two years of tight cash and Harald Hopefully Glööckler will impress us with his phenomenal physique, after all the cult designer actually spent a whole year preparing for his jungle trip.

Otherwise, we heard the usual trivia from celebrities this week. A photo of Sylvie Meis is said to have caused gasping, an influencer chats about her period and a singer shows her great body after pregnancy. Also interesting: Heidi Klum sings now. But not just in the shower, like last time, but really officially. And this with none other than the legendary US rapper Snoop Dogg. The joint song will be released just this Friday and is also the title music for the new “GNTM” season, which starts on February 3rd. Then one: “Chai Tea with Heidi”. Until next week!

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