VIP Spread: Singer Debbi got angry at the host!

They will show us how they can stand up to the stove Andrea Kalousová (25) a Andrea Bezděková (26), model and presenter Monika Leova (30), her colleague Andrea Antony (31) and singer Debbi (28). On Monday, Monika invites guests to her kitchen, who moved to her grandmother with her husband Martin (36) and daughter Mia (9 months) in a family house in Eastern Bohemia.

Monday Bedding !: Milk (not only) breast milk

Points down

Misska full of optimism, with an unmistakable sense of humor and Czech-Vietnamese roots, is a relatively new mother, so breastfeeding will also be discussed. And that neither Monika nor her guests are afraid of that. Age will also be discussed at Monday’s table. Who is the oldest at the table? And who will project a bad estimate into the evaluation? The singer Debbi touches that her moderator Antony estimates her age much higher… “I’ll take her off her dots when she hosts me. Five points down for each year she added, “ the warbler is clearly affected.

Bezděková after parting with licked: For the first time in public! She struggled to find the words

Asian merger

Leová likes to prepare pasta. However, it will serve an “Asian fusion.” Mango salad, lentil and curry soup, caramel meat and two types of homemade ice cream – one coconut and sorbet. Will anyone turn up her nose at her kitchen?

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