Vincent Shogun, ex-star of Les Ch’tis, madly in love with a real estate agent … the identity of his half revealed!

Gone are the days when he shed tears for Hillary. Indeed, a few years ago, Vincent Shogun was talking about him for his couple with the one who just became a mother a few months ago. Their relationship annoyed fans of the program enormously. In particular for the fact that the handsome kid did not open his eyes and did not take the initiative by choosing to leave his muse. Since his story caused him much more harm than it made him happy. In the end, after several seasons of trying to pick up the pieces, the two went their separate ways and this was arguably the best news for them.

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Since then, everyone has made their way and seem madly in love with their new half. Proof of this is with Vincent who decided to show his happiness in broad daylight by revealing the identity of his new sweetheart on social networks. A story that he also wanted to address in various interviews. Especially in the interview given to Gossip Room a few days ago, on how they met. ” We didn’t flirt with each other at the start “, Indicated at first before Cléa confirms his words:” No, we weren’t flirting. We were talking normal and I was planning to get home very early. And then I finally didn’t sleep all night “. The young real estate agent continues by explaining what she was looking for in a relationship and that she had found at Vincent: “ I needed someone who was like me in life, that is to say extrovert, who was not afraid to be the way he is. Me, I need this ball of nerves because I am a ball of nerves in life too and I couldn’t find someone who matched me until now. We noticed that there was love at first sight, but only after ».

The couple already have a lot of plans in mind. They are already thinking of getting married and moving in together. Although Cléa had the impression that this desire arrived early, she says today she is ready to take the plunge to live her happiness alongside the new chosen one of her heart.

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