Vincent lookalike next door?! Žilková has a lot to explain!

Son Veronika Žilková he is not only an actor, but also a promising director, which he was able to convince the audience of in the series Men. But the Czech scene can only be the beginning for him. Studying outside the Czech Republic enabled him to improve his English, so foreign projects are the next logical step.

Son of Žilkova Vincent Navratil celebrated mom’s 60: Every idiot can give an expensive gift!

Vincent apparently inherited his acting talent from his mother. But he looks more like his dad, doesn’t he? “A mix of genes. Vincent looks like my dad, his dad and our neighbor. The neighbor is a joke,” quotes Veronika Žilková from the website It is no surprise that they are interested in the actor not only in the world of film.

Veronika Žilková hardened in her fight Ceiling: She wants alternate custody of her daughter!

However, potential suitors are out of luck. Vincent has been in a happy relationship with embryologist Aneta Kňávová for three years and, as his words show, he obviously does not want to change anything about this fact. “I admire her for being able to accept my dry and uncompromising humor. And that she doesn’t mind living with the occasional over-emotional artistic hysteric, which, in my defense, I’m genetically bred for.” Vincent Navrátil once said in an interview for

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