Villa Demencia, the small town where only people with Alzheimer’s live

It looks like a case out of a fictional movie, but it actually exists and is located in the Netherlands. A few kilometers from the city of Amsterdam, there is a village called ‘Villa Dementia’ where its inhabitants are not aware of reality, very similar to The Truman Show. In the following we tell you a little about its fascinating history.

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If you thought you had already seen it with The Truman Show, then you are sorely mistaken. Villa Dementia is a home for the elderly suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. It is located in the Hogeweyk residence and has been in operation since 2009.

As mentioned above, the town is located a few kilometers from Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, and has 64 houses and only 150 inhabitants. It is necessary to mention that in this locality there are bars, supermarkets and casinos.

The businesses are attended by 250 nurses who work there and they pay with ‘lie’ money, as stated by the portal . This fascinating story was made known after the spread of the writer Pedro Torrijos, who gave all the details of the town.

One important fact is that living in Villa Demencia is not cheap at all, since a home in the residence is worth a monthly fee of 600 euros (624 dollars).

According to the TN portal, according to the founders of Hogewey, the idea is that patients can lead their ‘normal’ life in a caring and controlled environment. The residence has more than 15,000 square meters and is closed to the outside world. This fascinating story went viral on social media.

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