viklang free scooty scheme: Rajasthan government is giving free scooty to all handicapped people like this?

Divyang Scooty Scheme!

all handicapped To empower the helpless disabled citizens of their state, the Government of Rajasthan brings many types of schemes from time to time so that all the disabled citizens of the state can be made self-reliant. viklang scooty yojana eligibility,viklang scooty apply process,rajasthan handicapped scheme viklang scooty form viklang scooty online application viklang scooty yoja eligibility viklang scooty apply procedure

We you Let it be told that from time to time, the Government of Rajasthan brings many different types of schemes for the poor citizens of their state so that as many as the poor of Rajasthan Handicapped Citizens can be made self-reliant, all financially weak families are provided with all kinds of facilities from time to time, whatever service is provided under this scheme is done to make all citizens self-reliant. The name of this scheme is Viklang Scooty Yojana is |

Financial help will be given to the disabled citizens of the state

this plan Under this scheme, free scooty will be provided to the disabled citizens of the state as well as the handicapped by the government. There are people whose financial condition is very weak, there are some families in which many people Handicapped There are those who are poor and helpless, whom no one is helping, but they have become very helpless, then in such a situation it becomes the duty of the government to help such people financially. Similarly, keeping this issue in view, the government has implemented a scheme, under which all the poor, helpless disabled people, who are they will get financial help.

many students There are also handicapped who are given permission from the government. Scholarship It is provided that there are many such students who are handicapped and who want to pursue further studies but are unable to complete their studies due to lack of eyes along with being handicapped, in such a situation, the government has made arrangements for all these children. A new type of scheme has also been implemented, under this all the students and girls who are is handicapped And whose financial condition is very weak, then such students will be taught by the government and they will also be provided scholarship so that they can pursue their further studies and make their future come true.

Disabled Society Scheme 2022 Rajasthan!

The Government of Rajasthan has given all the citizens of its state whose body is 50% Does not work i.e. he is handicapped, he is being given free scooty by the government, this scheme was started by the Rajasthan government, now this scheme has been expanded to the whole state, under this scheme, last year the disabled were given 2000 Scooty was distributed over

Rajasthan government distributed more than 2,000 scooties!

In the last year, the Rajasthan government had distributed more than 2,000 scooties, now the purpose of the Rajasthan government is that this year in 2022, like last year, more scooties will be distributed this year. 5000 It has been decided to distribute more Scooty than and this process will be started as soon as possible, whoever interested beneficiary wants to apply under this scheme through the SSO portal. official website Go to and apply your application before August 31, 2022, only then you can get the benefit of this scheme.

Last date to apply!

This year the last date to apply under this scheme has been fixed by the Government of Rajasthan, which is August 31 Year 2022, any candidate who wants to apply for this, should apply before August 31 and get the benefit of this scheme. Scooty scheme has brought a lot of relief, along with all the differently-abled citizens self dependent The government also encourages them to become a disabled citizen so that they can live their lives like a common citizen.

On the basis of what age will free scooty be given!

If you want to know that on the basis of age, free scooty will be given by the Rajasthan government, then we are giving you this information here below, so read this article carefully.

Rajasthan Disabled Scooty Scheme 2022 by age Feather

Under the Rajasthan Disabled Scooty Scheme 2022, 5000 Scooty will be distributed this time and the age of the candidates who are willing to take it should be between 15 years to 45 years, then only such person can get the benefit of this scheme and 15 years Under this scheme, priority will be given to those applicants who are doing jobs or studying in any other government recognized college, after which the scooty that settles will be distributed by the government to the applicants up to 45 years of age. If you want to get more information related to this then you can visit your district You can get more information about it by visiting the office of the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment, along with you can also get its information by visiting its official website.

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viklang scooty online form

FAQ About Rajasthan: ‘Chief Minister Divyang Scooty Scheme’

✔️How to apply for Handicapped Pension in Rajasthan?

All the candidates will have to fill the disability certificate online application form and then submit this viklang pension form with necessary details to Social Welfare Officer in District / Taluka in Rajasthan, All the approved applicants will soon start receiving the pension amount.

✔️What are the schemes for disabled persons?

DISHA. Early Intervention and School Readiness Scheme. This is an early intervention and school readiness scheme for children upto 10 years with the disabilities covered under the National Trust Act. ,
VIKAAS. Day Care. ,
DISHA cum VIKAAS. Day Care Scheme.

✔️How can I get disability certificate in Rajasthan?

Disability Certificate are issued by the Medical Board which are generally constituted in the district hospital. The applicant should apply for it with 3 copies of passport size photograph and a copy of their ration card/residence proof,

✔️What is handicapped allowance?

Handicapped allowance is one of such financial help that physically disabled employees receive from their employers, Mostly these allowances are given to those people who are working under central government, state government or government under taking organisations.

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