Viki: Chinese Love Story Movies You Should Know

Viki not only hosts dramas from different Asian countries, it is also the perfect place to watch movies when you want to enjoy your free time, find out what are some romantic movies that you can watch on the platform.

Although K-dramas Y C-Dramas are some of the most popular content in vikithere are many alternatives when it comes to looking for entertainment on this streaming site, do you dare to discover them?

Today we recommend several movies with Love’s stories that will hook you from the beginning, so if you don’t have too much time to watch a drama, you can opt for one of these films.

all these are chinese moviessome of them take place in modern times and others in a fantasy world, so you can choose the plot that seems most attractive to you.

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Chinese movies that will catch you with the romance of the protagonists

Year: 2020

Starring: Darren Chen, Guan Xiao Tong, Johnny Huang

Lin Xiao Xi feels very happy with the life she has, everything has settled in the best way, but she still faces insecurities due to her weight. One day she meets a boy named Han Bing and falls in love with her instantly, now she is determined to change his appearance to win him over, but she finds a magic potion that helps her achieve it.

Year: 2021

Starring: Chen Yi Han, Xu Fang Zhou

Gu Wei is a doctor working in a major hospital, he is handsome and very popular, but he has never had a girlfriend because he is not usually interested in others. One day he receives a new patient and when he meets the family that accompanies him, he is instantly smitten.

Year: 2020

Starring: Xie Bin Bin, Niu Ze Meng

Qing Zan has pursued his dreams with dedication, but things have not turned out as expected. It is then that she decides to take up her hobby in the kitchen, only now she will turn it into a job and try to impress a powerful family.

Year: 2019

Starring: Eric Suen, Lorene Ren

Tian Yi is a celestial being who is trying to obtain a new status, one that will make him immortal, but fate always prevents him from achieving it. It is then that he discovers he has some unfinished business, but when he tries to finish them off he falls in love with the least he should.

Year: 2019

Starring: Gai Yue Xi, Peng Yu Chang, Hou Ming Hao

Gao Si Lin, Guo Si Jia and Zhang Zi Yang became friends while trying not to be bothered by the bullies, now they are very good friends and they all have a future ahead of them. One day they have a fight and when Zhang Zi Yang pushes Gao Si Lin, Gao Si Lin hits his head. Now Si Lin is a totally different boy who might be hiding a secret.

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