Vijay Rupani Resigns IAS Surya Pratap Asks Whone Number Is Next Film Maker Vinod Kapri Says We Should Give Credit To CM Yogi Former IAS asked the question, the filmmaker said

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has resigned from his post. On his move, former IAS Surya Pratap Singh wrote, ‘Whose number next?’

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has resigned from his post. Addressing the media after his resignation, he said, “I am grateful to Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi for whatever opportunity I have got to do for Gujarat.” After the resignation of the Chief Minister of Gujarat, the BJP has once again come under the target of the opposition. At the same time, former IAS Surya Pratap Singh also tweeted on the matter and questioned who could be the next number.

Reacting to Vijay Rupani’s resignation, former IAS Surya Pratap Singh wrote, “Rupani also went, whose number next? How many CMs will change to stop anti-incumbency? Social media users also commented heavily on former IAS Surya Pratap Singh’s tweet. Replying to the question, a user named Deepak Pasricha wrote, “This is the fear of Aam Aadmi Party. Wherever Aam Aadmi Party comes into direct competition with BJP, BJP CMs start resigning.”

Responding to former IAS Surya Pratap Singh’s tweet, Puneet Aggarwal wrote, “Char Dham Bill came, Trivendra Singh Rawat went. Tirath Singh Rawat went to Kumbh. Ford went, Rupani went. The next number is from Tripura.”

Responding to a user named Dr. Priyanka Singh, he wrote, “Uttarakhand 3 in five years and Karnataka 2… Now by making Gujarat the second Chief Minister in five years, we will take the country to the heights.”

Apart from the former IAS, famous filmmaker Vinod Kapri also reacted to the resignation of Vijay Rupani. Referring to CM Yogi Adityanath in his tweet, he wrote, “The credit of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath must be given that he did not allow Delhi’s arbitrariness in UP.”

Apart from this, Congress leader Srinivas Biwi also tweeted on Vijay Rupani’s resignation. In one of his tweets, he shared Jay Shah’s photo and wrote, “The next Chief Minister of Gujarat?” So in a tweet, he wrote tauntingly, “The regret of not being able to buy MLAs and make them the Chief Minister for a long time, Modi-Shah is trying to change his own Chief Minister in BJP ruled states.”

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